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Gyoseishoshi lawyer, the legal documentation specialist will examine the documents
At our office, the gyoseishoshi lawyer, a professional in legal documention, who is also active as a professional English translator and translation proof reader, will handle not only Japanese legal documents but legal documents typical to other countries too.
Examples of legal documents we can handle:
Notification, Demand, Acceptance, Authorization, Approval, Permission, Lisence, Pledge/Covenant, Settlement, Certificate, Confirmation, Articles of Incorporation, Bill of Sale, Gift, Affidavit, Deed, Power of Attorney, Will, Trust indenture, Apology, Suretyship/Guaranty/Warranty/Representation, Waiver, Assignment, Delegation, Disclaimer, Declaration)


Translator who is familiar with industrial machinery will provide you with translation support, with a complete understanding of the original text.
In technical translation, it is essential to eliminate the possibility of mistranslation by performing translation work with accurate understanding on the technical content of the original text. At our office, translator who is familiar with both mechanical and electrical design, and have many years of experience in the industrial and patent fields, will translate technical documents. In addition, if the meaning of the original text is ambiguous, we ask the creator of the original text to confirm it without guessing, and if the meaning is not understandable, we ask the author to correct the original text as much as possible. This is our policy to pursue perfection of the translated document.


Reliable translation achieved by proof reading by native English speaker
When translating texts for multimedia such as videos, publications or sales/promotion materials, it is especially necessary to consider the nuances of the translated text, as they will be exposed in the public eye. In such cases, we will always propose a quotation including the final check process by a native speaker, to make the translated texts natural yet effective.


Language Standard unit price (*)
JPY 8 ~
German  /  French JPY 15 ~
Italian  /  Spanish JPY 18 ~
Portuguese JPY 20 ~
Korean  /  Chinese JPY 15 ~
Thai  /  Vietnamese JPY 15 ~
(*) Guideline for the minimum unit price per 1 Japanese character. Depending on the content, there may be additional factors, so we will provide quotations individually.


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