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We are an immigration lawyer's office specializing in VISA & immigration support.
We provide you with top-notch yet affordable VISA and immigration services that include startup consultancy, documentation, and application to government agencies - the whole process of complicated procedures for obtaining work/family visas, permanent residence, or naturalization.
We are your trusted partner, fully committed to your VISA sucess.

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Due to the "2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake," the period of stay for foreign nationals residing and staying in areas covered by the Disaster Relief Act will be extended to June 30, 2024.NEW
Regarding cases where the obligations under the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, etc., could not be fulfilled due to the "2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake."
In response to the "2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake," special exceptions have been announced regarding the period during which applications for status of residence may be accepted, where applications may be submitted, and for technical intern trainees to work on restoration at technical intern workplaces.
The revised Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act is enacted, revising the rules for the detention and repatriation of foreign nationals.
Special measures for those who have difficulty in returning to their home countries due to the effects of COVID-19 infection will end.
The Immigration Bureau of Japan has released a list of cases in which Special Permission to Stay in Japan was granted or denied.


Unlike other government approvals, VISA & immigration control for foreign nationals are different in nature. The most significant difference is the exclusion from the Administrative Procedure Act (1994-), which aims to improve the transparency of administrative procedures. As a result, whether or not such approvals are granted is left to the discretion of the Minister of Justice. The criteria for such decisions are not made public. A black box, so to speak. What makes it even worse is that they tend to change depending on the interpretation of each of the immigration office, the officer in charge, and government policy, which reflects news and current events. For example, when you apply for a work VISA, you need to attach a statement of reasons and other supporting documents to the application, but there is no official guideline as to what the content should be. In fact, the content should be decided on a case-by-case basis, taking into account all aspects - strengths and weaknesses of your application in light of all applicable regulatory requirements. It is no wonder that VISA applications are often rejected. It is not a good strategy to keep trying until it is approved as this should not give a favorable impression to the immigration offcicials.
If your visa application is denied, you may suddenly find yourself in an irreversible situation, such as having your job offer rescinded, being forced to quit your job, being forced to leave the country, and being separated from your family. To avoid such risks, it is safe and smart to leave it to the professionals.


After a project is completed, we will ask you to share your opinion about our services so that we can constantly improve. We appreciate your suggestions and we will surprise you next time by exceeding your expectations.

♪ A.S. (Kaga, Engineer/Specialist/International services VISA)
I have used another VISA service provider in the past, but the language barrier made it difficult, as if I was left out of the whole process. With Visa Central we can communicate in English and the whole thing was completely stress-free !
I got the VISA and the job I wanted thanks to Visa Central.

♪ J.M. (Fukui, Business management VISA)
Since I didn't know anything about Japanese laws and government procedures, I needed a good consultant who could resolve cultural issues. It came as a surprise that Japanese laws apply even when I hire people from our home country. Thank you for all the arrangements, especially the real estate contract, even though it was not included in your fee !

♪ M.K. (Inuyama, Technical translation)
We asked Visa Central to translate a patent specification into English and realized how imperfect our Japanese document was. It was a little embarrassing to have a Japanese colleague point out how bad my native language was, but I liked her professional attitude.

♪ W Design Office (Tsubame, video translation)
The way they worked was quite special - they gave us several versions of the translation and asked us to choose the one we liked best. We were totally amazed by their explanation of the subtle contextual differences between each of those translations. We understood how serious they are about translation, and once I got used to it, I can't go back to "normal" translation. They are a unique translation company that offers such consulting services.

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